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Continental Brochure ’15

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Some of us did a photo shoot for Continental tires, the guy be-hide the lens was our good mate Boyceย he did a very good job and you may see some photos on bike magazine and its on the brochure “Bicycle Tires 2015″. Go and check it out!

FGL conti


Written by Mikey Ramirez

October 16, 2014 at 11:07 am

This Sucks

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Saturday gone I got hit at Millbank, next to Victoria tower gardens, in the morning while I was going to working. The sliver Mercedes was turning into a side street, he stopped thinking he saw me going by but then he changed his mind for some reason and went ahead into the street. Then bang I got hit and went flying over the front of his car and landed hard on the pavement and second after my bike over my head.
I’ve been off my bike for a few days and just walking fine, but my lower right leg isn’t 100% better, feeling discomfort and when I walk sometimes it gives me a sharpe pain. Wrist still hurst when I put pressure, and I hate the bus! Oh, also the guy did say it was his fault and hope he pays for all my damage on the bike and my bus fares, 14R isn’t looking to good at the moment.



Written by Mikey Ramirez

October 16, 2014 at 10:49 am

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Hello everyone, my name is Duke and I’m the newest addition to the FixedGearLondon team! First of all I would like to say a big thank you to Mike, Moses, Rob, Andy and Mikey for welcoming me.ย Since I’m going to be posting on the blog, it’s only fair that I tell you a bit about myself.

My whole life I have been riding bikes (road and mountain) but only in early 2010 was I introduced to fixed gear bikes and since then I haven’t looked back. Being born and raised in London, I quickly realized that the best (and most fun) method of transport was in fact cycling. My first fixed gear bike was an SE Draft which I heavily stickered up (MashSF inspired!). Wanting to upgrade to something lighter, I came across 14 Bike Co, who have amazing hand built steel frames, but the one frame that caught my eye was the Buxton curved Lo pro:

14 Bike Co Buxton

14 Bike Co Buxton

Its tight wheelbase and track/pursuit geometry made it a thrill to ride on. I rode on this solidly for two years whilst learning so much about bikes (maintenance, racing, geometry and wheel building). Soon cycling became more than just a method of transport, but a huge part of my life. Heading to events and such I befriended Mikey Ramirez and other fixed gear riders. We all shared a passion for everything track bike enthused. After a while we came together and formed Ohana Fixed.

After 2 years of riding together, we decided that we would operate individually as we were at different stages of our lives. I then decided that I would focus solely on track riding, racing in fixed gear criteriums and also on my writing.

However whilst in the group I took the leap to finally try out aluminium and invested in a Dosnoventa Houston:

Dosnoventa Houston

Dosnoventa Houston

And I have ridden the Dosnoventa from 2012 – today! It became the bike which I would do everything on (long distance and commuting). I’ve only just recently built up yet another aluminium frame – a Low Pursuit:

Low Pursuit 1 - Photo credit: Indra H-P

Low Pursuit 1 – Photo credit: Indra H-P

I’m based in West London, but I commute all over. If you see me riding any of these said bikes around London or anywhere even, please feel free to say hello! As it’s always a pleasure to meet other riders who share the same passion.

Low Pursuit

Low Pursuit 2 – Photo credit: Indra H-P

Thank you for your time and I look forward to posting again in the near future!

Duke A.

Written by ekudduke

October 12, 2014 at 11:26 pm

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sunday skate – gino!

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Surely Gino Iannucci has the best style of any skater, enjoy!

Written by mikeymerk

October 12, 2014 at 12:45 pm

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To The Olympic Park

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Went for a little ride the other night and I always have my Gopro on me and this is the out come. Also the Do’nuts ride edit will be done soon, thank you for watching. Ramirez

Do’nut Ride Review

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This sunday Fixed Gear London hosted Le Tour Do’nut. A cruise to Dunkin Donuts in Hounslow followed by a quick blast to Krispy Kreme in Enfield.


We met at 11am outside Niketown & made our way over to Hounslow via Shepherds bush then along the A315 beside the River Thames. It was a great day for a ride, 21 degrees with a cool breeze. Everybody arrived on an empty stomach, so our mouths were watering all the way down to Hounslow, this made the road slippery & Duke took a little spill on his pink Dosnoveta near Notting Hill arts club. Luckily some super cool police officers came along & even offered some water & first aid.


The ride to Dunkin Donuts was pretty much mishap free otherwise, a traffic free Sunday morning which felt a lot like the ride to Paris last year, good memories. We made it to Dunkin Donuts around 1pm & chowed down on some sweet treats. Apple crumble, strawberries & cream, glazed, raspberry jam – everything sounded good after 2 hours riding. We ate, digested, got brainfreeze & sugar rush from the shakes then made our way back to Central London so we could head over to Enfield for some more sugar soaked treats.



The ride back to Central London was a little hairy too, a slow front puncture for Moses 20mins after we left Hounslow, but we got moving quickly after it got patched up. Next it was Mikeys turn, a catastrophic crash in Hammersmith (which sounded worse than it actually was). Some street signs appeared out of nowhere & took Mikey flat out. He was completely ok & that was the last of the days mishaps. Thanks to the guy across the road whose first suggestion was that we upload crash up on youtube.




photo 4

After a wait in Camden for a couple more riders we headed to Enfield via Finsbury Park, Wood Green, Palmers Green then Winchmore Hill. A few climbs later & after manoeuvring our way through a protest in Wood Green we were there. We upped the pace on the ride there so our stomachs were growling when we arrived.

photo 5



We were tempted to join in with musical chairs at the kids party going on at Krispy Kremes but we had our own games in the car park outside. When realised that Donuts wouldn’t be enough junk food we combined the sweet stuff with KFC & McDonalds to appease the hunger, life is good.




After some more digestion it was time for the games. Longest skid, trackstand, drift through the gap & kick the can, Mike even got some whip skids in on his motorbike, sketchy. Indra won the longest skid + drift, Kamal won the track stand & also got some man points for the skid out of the carpark, over the kerb, through the bush & straight into a wall ride on the Krsipy Kreme HQ.

photo 3


photo 1


We handed out some prizes & made our way back down the A10, fast. A successful ride which we plan on making a thing of so look out on the blog & Instagram for more info. Next up sprints – see you soon guys.

FGL x Dickies





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come get some donuts, dig?

Written by mikeymerk

September 27, 2014 at 4:48 pm

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