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Our friends Tony Fast and Tom Lamarche are over from Philly to stay and have a holiday vacation.

Tony is now officially riding for 14 Bike Co and we have been going out everyday filming for up and coming stuff.

But the real reason they came back was to eat here…

I swear they ate bagels at least 3 times on the first day!

Proof 🙂

Its good to hang out with Tom & Tony, and it feels like they have not even been home in Philly for a year!

We need to get out to visit them this year for sure…

Tony getting his pic taken by JW…

Keith, Ted, Tom and Odge…

Tony is used to colder weather!!!

Jacob has a scary sweater…

Still a week to go before they leave, and the 14 Bike Co party is coming up. Be there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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February 11, 2010 at 12:32 am

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