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So the race went down on Friday night, turnout was amazing! (Thanks for coming)

We had 33 riders racing, 11 of which did not finish (due to loss of manifest or getting lost overall)

1st place went to Alfie – 38:36

2nd place went to Ryan – 39:06

3rd place went to Nick (1st Girl) 39:23

4th – Ric Bell (Mixtmeat)

5th – Alex (5thfloor)

6th – Jess

7th – Luke

8th – Greg Falski

9th – Greg (Chicago)

10th – David (5thfloor)

11th – Duncan

12th – JP

13th – Johnny Fitz (5thfloor)

14th – Chris

15th – Pedro

16th – ENI

17th – Tim

18th – Rudy Melo (5thfloor)

19th – Sketch

20th – Dimitri

21st – Peter (5thfloor)

22nd – Chris (Mixtmeat)

More photos/videos of the event will follow soon.

Fixedgearlondon’s race was kindly Supported by:




and of course us!

Next race is on the Friday the 30th of July… More info to follow.

Facebook page is here: FGLDN


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June 28, 2010 at 10:22 am

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