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Dickies got in contact with us a few months ago and asked us if we would like to be involved in a project they were working on.

We are glad we said yes.

Dickies is one of those brands that has always been there, just under the surface. They never really shout about what they are doing… they just keep on keeping on.

I used to go to the hardware/tool shop as a kid with my dad and he would always get Dickies work pants for my brother and I to wear whilst we were helping him renovate our house/dig a pond/build a 100ft barn. (Yes this is true, my dad is eccentric). The Dickies we got from dots&melons hardware store were not like the ones we wear today, these were made for farmers, short wide farmers. They never really fit us, but we made them work. When I started skating, I went to get my Dickies at the store for a different reason and I wore them with Airwalk/Vans shoes (full suede, white soles and super fat laces). The Dickies I wore didn’t fit then either, but that’s the way we liked them 😉

These are a couple of the reasons I wanted to be involved in this project with Dickies.

You won’t see me in anything but Dickies from this day forth.

Andy Ellis

Fixedgearlondon & Dickies forever!

Here are a few shots of the project magazine and also the short video we made below…

More images can be seen here Fixedgearlondon Flickr



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October 5, 2010 at 11:09 am

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