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Today was a good day

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Pretty much the whole day spent riding with Oscar, Andy, Kai and Wonka. It was raining quite a bit (definitely not cool) so after a while we retired briefly to FGL HQ for some tea and biscuits. After a quick refuel and some Spice Girls Band Hero obliteration from Oscar we went out to go riding again and hit southbank for a few hours. I think everyone got clips, with some rad stuff going down on all fronts (though all the footage is on Wonka’s camera) and due to time limitations we left to try and get Wonka on his flight home. Outside the hotel it wasn’t looking good, reception said everyone had checked out and we worried that we’d blown it

there was some frantic mobile internetting going on to try and contact someone/anyone, and we were leaving when a cab rolled up with a few of the dudes so we knew it was cool. To be honest I’m kinda bummed Wonka caught his flight, it was really sick riding with that dude and it’s always dope to ride with people from around the world, to see the way they ride and that. Also checked out the grime frame, pretty damn legit


after all was done we were hanging out at 14bikeco when oscar and I popped over to tesco only to find Wonka’s d-lock outside. Oscar has been keeping it lockish in his city of westminster cleaner jacket

hopefully will be seeing Wonka and a load of other dudes sometime in January. big things to come


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November 14, 2010 at 11:06 pm

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Riding with Edward…

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Time was short and it was raining all day, but that was not gonna stop us!

Hell we ain’t no fair weather riders like most of the others in London…

Warmed up down the road from 14 Bike co. Oscar 180 bank to bank.

Then rode over to Southbank…


Wonka 360 first try…


Checked out lots of spots but didn’t have time to ride them.


Oscar hanging out with us at Southbank…


(You need a caption?!)


Tearing up London Bridge on the way back…


We went to ride! Not make a glossy video… so no footage from us. But Wonka filmed 😉

Got to mention Kai was with us too!

Good hanging out with you guys even though it was short, big plans soon though.



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November 14, 2010 at 10:13 pm

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At 3:30am in my room, alone with the lights off this changed me a little bit

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November 14, 2010 at 9:09 pm

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