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Lighter bikes don’t make you faster…

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But if it makes you happy you can still believe it’s true… just like Santa Claus, the tooth fairy and that the next new years eve party is always going to be better than the last.

We already knew this.

You should know that Chris Hoy would beat you on any bike you choose for him to race against you…

It’s the rider not the bike.

“The average journey time on the steel frame bicycle was 1:47:48, and the average journey time on the carbon frame bicycle was 1:48:21. The difference in the mean journey time was 00:00:32…”

That margin of a difference is little enough that it hardly makes a difference. And Groves even argues that his clunkier steel-framed ride, thanks to its heft, makes for a more comfortable, less bumpy ride, generally speaking.

Via Freeman Transport


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December 23, 2010 at 2:56 pm

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