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From the Redbull mini drome testing phase…

We could tell you what gear ratio to use or which line to take but that would give you an unfair advantage…

That is why Andy & Conrad will not be taking part in the competition. (after around 600 laps you get to know the best way to ride it!)

Look out for the exclusive behind the scenes story in the next issue of Fixed

Official press release:

Red Bull introduces the world’s smallest velodrome to the UK fixed gear scene. On January 15, 2011, Red Bull Mini Drome will be coming to York Hall in London’s East End.

In a UK first, Red Bull will be creating the world’s smallest velodrome to challenge fixed gear riders from across the country, and applications are now open. If you want to ride at Red Bull Mini Drome enter your details into the form on this page, we will be in contact soon. Registration closes at 5pm, January 10, 2011.


The purpose built track has been engineered in Germany by Velotrack, the team that built the velodromes for the Atlanta Olympics and the Delhi Commonwealth Games. The Red Bull Mini Drome track will maintain race worth dimensions in the smallest possible size to enable a single pursuit. Red Bull Mini Drome will challenge both body and mind as riders will need to navigate themselves around a unique, and technically challenging, course reaching speeds of up to 80 km/h.


Andy Ellis, from Fixed Magazine, will be one of the first to test the track in Germany where it is being built. He said


“Getting to ride the Red Bull MiniDrome before anyone else was like being (I can imagine) one of the test pilots for a secret stealth plane.

For two days straight I got to ride whilst having Velotrack right there to tweak it as and when needed, working out the parameters of the timings/ rules/ laps/ bike standards etc. was an amazing experience.

Don’t miss your chance to ride the MiniDrome and if you can’t ride it, come and watch! It will set the standard for events to follow”

The event will be open to spectators of all ages. York Hall has a 500 people capacity and is free to the public on a first come first served basis. There is no entry fee, however a donation to Herne Hill Velodrome would be welcome.

Qualifying is open to over 100 competitors in a single timed race. Riders will be timed using the Velotrack Timing System. The riders with the quickest time across the 10 laps will progress through the competition to the finals, which will be a single pursuit race format.



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