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Having just got back from the brighttradeshow (about 25mins ago off the the aeroplane). I thought I’d do a brief summary of some of the things I can show you.

Fixedgearlondon were at the show with Champfest and the 3rd issue looks amazing (checkout the champfest website for more info on where to get your copy)

We had a couple of huge prints hanging up, here is Chris pointing at Mikey, pointing at you. Crew image (not including Ted and Aidan)

Also the last issue of Streetwear today was all over the place… It was very weird to see our crew on the cover of a magazine that was pretty much all over the tradeshow!

We will put the article up on our media page soon.

In the latest issue of Streetwear today there is a bit of promo for our next Show at ISPO…

Fixedgearlondonism! More on this to follow soon…

Leaving Blighty…
How we rolled…

I posted a quick snap of this shoe up on face book… and it ended up here then did the rounds.

Now here are a couple more shots of a great shoe made by DVS in collaboration with Cinelli (who is one of our favorites 🙂

I won’t tell you the details, you will have to wait… but seeing this in person, made it all the more impressive.

Then on the last day I saw these… Gonz detailed but this is the Brooklyn machine works consortium shoe…

Gonz is one of our favs too…

SAG luggage on the aeroplane…


Thank you to everyone we met and everyone from Bright Trade Show. It’s always an amazing experience.

Special thank you to Monique at Champfest Magazine. Some things are just not possible with out your help.


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January 23, 2011 at 2:32 am

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  2. […] Check out the rest of the Brighttradeshow at Fixed Gear London […]

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