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This is a bit of a cheesier post than usual… containing nothing but the goings on over the last couple of days.

Mikey is preparing his photography portfolio so us photo enthusiasts hung out and shot the breeze and shot some photos. It looked good outside so I decided to take the San Rensho out to blow the dust off of it. It’s refreshing to get out on the steel bike… to think this was my everyday ride a couple of years back!!


Spent some time working out ISPO Fixedgearlondonism stuff, then in the evening Oscar and Tom came over (Tom was in town for that hill climb thing in Bristol)

He had to leave the next morning so we went to get some food from Oscar’s favorite joint down the road from Champfest’s HQ (we visited Monique)…

Oscar had sauce soup with a few chips…

Tom wanted to stay longer and was thinking about missing his flight in the morning… Or maybe he was bored of waiting for our…

Lamb Kofte’s… Good things are worth the wait.

I tried to keep the camera steady, but this came out pretty good.

Next day we all headed out with Tom to see him off… Dave is singing not yawning here.

Tom’s Origami bike box bag…

Tom now rides for FGLDN. Here he is with all his sponsorship stuff. LockWhip™ Tool/Crew T-shirt and most definitely the last Medium Fixedgearlondon jacket available in the world. Don’t worry to much though, I heard a rumor that a new colour way with a couple of tweaks is in the works 😉

Then we went to see SuperTed in his gaff to talk about fixed gear bike tech shit and babies of course.

Tom also had to get a Bricklane salt beef bagel before he left too… It’s F’in tradition don’t you know!!!

Good to see friends, even if it’s only for fleeting moments. We need to get out to the USA Fo Sho!


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