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if you didn’t know already WOLFDAWN is rad. Always coming up with the highest quality stuff

anywayz i just came home from ISPO in Germany to find the raddest letter awaiting me on my doorstep.

needless to say i was pretty stoked but then i saw what was inside….

This is going right on my wall as we speak to remind me who my true master is at all times. Finaly there were the malice stickers themselves, i was so impressed at the print quality and depth of design, GO GET SUM

needles to say one went on the bike immediately

it’s SO COOL when you get a package like this, it literaly made my week. BIG shout out to matt of


check that shit everyday cuz matt knows what’s up whether it be music, riding, whatever he’s got it down.

Look forward to visiting soon and expect a banging package anyday.



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February 13, 2011 at 7:32 pm

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