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Not sure what you all expect this blog to be about so we just want to let you know what the general idea is…

This is our riders blog. The riders from Fixedgearlondon can blog anything they like on here. This is why you get some stuff that has nothing to do with fixed gear bikes.

It’s about what we like in our lives. You won’t see us blatantly trying to sell you fixed gear related products that we have never used, if we do it’s because we have made them ourselves, have been involved in the process, or it will be something we swear by.

Same goes with events and other stuff that is happening. We will only re-post things that we are going to or wish we could go to! We receive emails everyday asking us if we can post this new video or some press release… We don’t do that. There are enough other blogs that re-post things, so we don’t have to.

We don’t give a rats ass about how many hits we get a day.

In the beginning when we started everything that we are doing, there was just us. We are still here and we aint leaving.

We don’t have a pointless facebook page that shows posts we just put up on our blog and we dont have a twitter showing the posts going up on facebook about the posts on our blog.

(yes the links are at the bottom, we just like to let people try to click on them)

If you want to see what we are doing… you should be here, on our blog. Oh damn! you are!!

This is Dave Noakes in half a costume… say something about it.



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February 15, 2011 at 9:21 am

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