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Paris Trick Trick Boom

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I went to Paris to check out the Trick Trick Boom contest organised by Geometrick. This is only a brief post because I wanna go out and ride. The Skatepark De Paris where it was help was sick! And the level of riding was amazing…people are really pushing it now. Check  out the Geometrick blog for more.

Ed Wonka (The Grime) and Simon were seriously killing it! Throwing down some huge tricks…but you’ll have to wait to see some snaps. I think these are the right results…Wonka won it, Michael Chacon grabbed second and Simon 3rd (I reckon he should have got 2nd).

Pic by Pierre Torregano

We went for a street session at La Defense on Monday, it was rammed wth office workers but we still had a good session. I’m learning grinds at the mo so at the moment I am trying them on everything…seriously considering pegs now.



















Pic by Juliet Elliott


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March 29, 2011 at 10:50 am

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