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LockWhip™ Tool Appreciation…

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LockWhip tools have been flying out to the far reaches of the globe,

Europe UK, Scotland, USA, Japan, Indonesia, China, Australia…

LockWhip™ V2 Fixedgearlondon logo...

LockWhip tools are stocked in the following places.

Treadly bike shop


Tokyo Fixed


Fitzrovia Bicycles

Bicycle Store Paris

more stockists to follow…

Today we received a nice email from one of our customers.

“Hi FGL,
Post man arrived this morning and handed
me a brown envelope. Straight away impressed
with the weight knowing what will be inside?
Off comes my rear Hplus let’s have a go..
With all the tools I’ve used broken bent and
just from touch have fell out with..FGL tool
Is sick!! The ergonomics of the tool are truly
fare better than I thought with first visual,
Finish also seem to justify thoughts that
this tool will out last me! Unless I loose it
then it will be replaced very quickly with another
purchase from yourself.”


The FGL LockWhip tool is also used by some of our good friends from around the world too.
Wonka, Tom LaMarche, Torey Thornton, SuperTed, Oscar Khan, Kianoa Perez…
and of course the rest of the FGL crew 😉
If you want one, hit up our webshop.

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March 31, 2011 at 12:15 pm

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