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San Francisco…

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I’m in San Fran, riding around and chilling with all our friends…

This is the bike I’m on… 14R by 14bikeco.


This is the guy who was all up in my space spreading himself out and snoring on the 10+ hour flight from London.

This is the plane nearly at it’s destination.

This is the license plate I found and Matt’s balcony…

These are the bicycle coffee bags printed, filled and delivered by bicycle in SF!

This is Ghobi the mission workshop dog 🙂

This a route to a secret spot… more on this soon.

This is teenage mutant ninja turtles III and a Mint “It’s It”. (vanilla is the best though)

This is Damon and Matt. Special thank you to Matt and Rosanna for letting me crash at their home 🙂

More soon, I’ll try to blog everyday from now.

Andy – Æ


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April 20, 2011 at 12:19 am

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  1. […] managed to connect with the internet, check out some of the first photos from his trip on the Fixedgearlondon blog – The 14R looks so […]

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