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Friday in SF…

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Yesterday, I went out on my own to explore SF. I rode to Mission Workshop collected some Fixed Magazines and then rode out towards Embarcadero along Market st.

This is EMB. Stoked to see it for real, after just seeing it in about every skate video whilst growing up.

Massan recommended a visit to the Wave Organ… so I went. You have to ride around North point past all the piers.

You get a good view of the Golden Gate Bridge from here.

I left our mark. you can see Alcatraz from this video.

Rode to the Exploratoriam (I think) then I decided to ride up a hill…

This is Baker. I made it to the silver RV before I had to start walking… behind me the hill has no sidewalk.

Just steps.

I made no plan to ride down this next hill, I just sort of stumbled across it.

This is California. It’s the same hill from the beginning of MASH that Massan rides down.

This was a lot harder than I expected. I only realized what hill this was once I got to the bottom and also right now it’s single file traffic because of road works. Trams are not running on it right now either. The lights at the intersections constantly flash red, making people look before they pull out, the road is crummy too.

I took this picture at the bottom, I think I have some footage too from the mini cam…

I ended up at Union Square and looked around for the rail that Cardiel hucked himself down, just when I was leaving I found it!

It’s skate stopped now. But damn!!!

More tomorrow, It’s the Macaframa Broken Bones Benefit tonight!!!


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