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The day before I left Frisco, I went on the Paradise loop with Willis, Chas, Ryan and Dylan.
Wilis is from NY and was part of the original Bootleg crew. Chas rides for MASH and runs TCB, Ryan is one of TCB’s top riders.
Dylan Bigby shoots photos for Macaframa.

Click on the images to get to the slideshow…

We took off from MASH at about 9:15 and rode up and out towards the Golden Gate Bridge, passing through the Pan Handle.
This was the first time in 2 weeks to be going over the GGB, only one side was open during the week, at the weekend they open the other side for cyclists. (It was Monday) We got across the bridge and sprinted down the Sausalito hill towards Paradise Bay, took a break shot a group photo and then started riding out to the loop.
I got sun burnt again and nearly ran over a snake. I was not ready for this ride… mainly due to the cheapness of Whiskey at Benders, but that’s another story.

We made it back at about 12:20, I was so tired that I went to sleep at the back of MASH for about an hour after…


These guys took it easy on me for sure, I think they pretty much ride this route every other day…
Chas said that the record for the route we took set by him and Walton is 2 hours 20 minutes. Flat out, up and down hills and starting/finishing from the same spot.

It was great to ride with friends and even greater of them to keep a moderate pace going for me!

I’m in training now, you guys have inspired me!


My 35mm rolls are being developed… so more soon.


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May 5, 2011 at 6:26 pm

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