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14R & Royce.

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As you may know, we and 14 Bike Co announced the production of the 14R Track/Low Pro a couple of months ago…

At Bespoked Bristol we displayed the 1st 2 prototypes of each model one of which was Mikey Ramirez’s 14R Low Pro.

Which both had blanks of the well known 14R drop out fitted. After the Bespoked show we talked to Royce, (who we know make some of the finest track hubs on the planet among other things) and as a result of this, Royce agreed to produce the 14R drop outs for us.

These are the only drop outs Royce have ever agreed to produce. We gave them the basic drop out design and asked them if they could make any improvements. The main improvement is the on the reverse of the 14R dropout, Royce have managed to mill out a fair bit more of the 316 stainless steel than the original drop outs. Whilst adding a touch of typical Royce detailing.

If you have previously ordered a 14R then your 14R will include the Royce drop outs at no extra cost.

The 14R Track/Low Pro frame will come with Royce drop outs as standard from now on.

14R Track / Low Pro (frame only) – £795.00

Royce 14R Drop out...
Royce 14R Drop out...
Royce 14R Drop out...

“I’m stoked to have been able to work with Royce on the 14R Drop outs. These are not just lifeless pieces of stainless steel anymore, they have had more attention to detail put into them than any other track drop out I know of…” Æ

14R Reynolds 853 Aero Frame with Royce Stainless 316 Steel Drop outs: £795.00

Fork Options:
Fork option No.1: Alpina F04 Carbon 1 1/8th Track Fork £99.99
Fork option No.2: Alpina Wing Pista Carbon Monocoque 1 1/8th Track Fork £249.99
Forks will be painted in 14R Matte Black to match your 14R frame. (Any other colour will cost extra on top of the retail price)

If you would like to order a 14R or have any questions, please email:


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May 8, 2012 at 3:50 pm

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