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Megavalanche 2012

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Not fixed, but still so good. A 32km downhill race from the top of Alpe d’Huez starting above the clouds and ending up at the base of the mouintain. I rode it on my Identiti P66 hardtail, not an ideal bike for the race but at the end of the day its down to rider not the bike. The mass start at the top of glacier had to be one of the best bits, escpecialy the starting music, soo good.


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July 28, 2012 at 2:11 pm

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Tovr De Wolvh…

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I’m back from an amazing trip with Garrett Chow (MASH), Lars Wolvh & Patrick Seabase. (Brascona)

We drove around in a camper van for 10 days chasing the tour de france and riding up to catch the peloton pass by.

I took my track bike with me, but in reality the possibilities to actually ride it were non existent. Me being the only one without a road bike being the main case… So I rode a geared road bike lent to me by Aldo Schaller (If you want to rent an amazing geared bike hit him up and ride around the Swiss alps!) We rode far and it was quite hard for me to get used to

A: a bike I was riding for the 1st time

B: a bike without a fixed gear mechanism

C: a bike with european brake caliper setup, which is opposite to here in the UK…

So in the deep end is a bit of an understatement, to say the least. I did the best I could do considering. I don’t train, i’m not a vegan, I eat what I like and I don’t drink as much water as I should.

After a week of road bikes I found myself longing to ride a track bike. I’m not a “cyclist” and I don’t see fixed gear bikes as being part of the cycling world. I see fixed gear as something different, it stands alone as an activity, it is more akin to a way of thinking/living for me.

This trip gave me so much food for thought. Even if I did not ride my track bike it was always in my head and physically it was in the back of the camper.

If you want to read more about the thought behind riding fixed, make sure you check out the next issue of Fixed Magazine as I’ll be writing an intro around this topic… Æ

WARNING there are  photos of road bikes below!!!

The first ride I went on was the only one I took my track bike on…
Brascona pre ride...

Patrick has a broken rib at the moment, so we went to see Martin for his expert opinion before we set off.
Seabase & Dr Webber...

Garrett is always the first to be ready to go ride, prepared down to the last detail. It was an honor to be able to ride with him.
Garrett Chow in Berne...

The river Aare in Berne was high and the flood warning went out, paths were closed and people were out in force to see the river bulging at its seams.
Brascona by the Aare in Berne...

As Lars drove us out of Berne and though the Jura Seabase planned some routes for the coming days…
Seabase planning routes...

We camped wherever we could and rode up the mountain stages to meet the tour… Patü & Fabü then we rode back down to where we were parked up.
Seabase & Lars Wolvh route checking...

The Tour De France caravan is something to see, but for me watching the masses scramble and fight for free crappy souvenir’s was the highlight. We would throw things back or give them to the kids nearby us.
The tour de france peloton...

This is Le Mont Vonteux and is solely responsible for putting me off of riding a road bike ever again. Imagine Groundhog day, but you are on a road bike riding up a mountain. Ever corner/switchback looks the same and you feel like you are having Déjà vu… uphill for 22km.

This was the worst feeling for me, it took all of the enjoyment out of the whole experience. I never want to ride up this again. But I would on a track bike!! Maybe next year…
Le Mont Ventoux...

For me, being with people who you admire and know have got your back is the most important thing. I could not have achieved anything on this trip with out my friends to help me/push me. Big Thank you to Patrick Seabase, Lars Wolvh and Garrett Chow.
Self portrait...

P.s. Look out for Wolvh stuff hitting the store asap!!!

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July 16, 2012 at 7:07 pm

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Sol Smith for Breakbrake 17 and Spike parts

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Im so stoked on my bike it can finally take the beatings

29er is legit now! no excuses!




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July 15, 2012 at 12:56 pm

Oscar, state side

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July 6, 2012 at 4:34 pm

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On my way to…

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Switzerland! I’ll keep you updated…


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July 3, 2012 at 4:36 pm

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