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From some of the riders that use the LockWhip tool on a regular basis.


Tom La Marche

“After taco’ing my wheel, the LockWhip tool was the only way I was able to remove my stubborn cog.”


Garrett Chow

“It’s really great to see and to use a tool built for the long-haul— something purpose-designed with longevity and hard use in mind. My LockWhip has been working double-duty during the week to service my track bike; and weekends in my cyclocross race-day bag swapping out single-speed cogs on my cross rig. That its held up to the rigors of being chucked into a muddy gear bag after months of hard use is proof-positive of this tool’s ability to handle whatever you can throw at it!”


Tyler Johnson

“I use it anytime I need to take my pedals off, or tighten a cog/lockring. There are 3 main reason why I like the LockWhip. Simplicity: 3 tools in one, weight: it’s light enough to keep in my bag at all times, and it always works.”


Patrick Seabase

“Macgyver would have used it if he rode a track bike.”
LockWhip Tools are available from the Fixedgearlondon webshop.



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