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14R Track Ends.

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We received the new batch of Royce produced 14R track ends last week!

2 new things about the latest 14R Track End…

1. the Royce logo is now CNC’d slightly deeper because the paint was filling it in too much.

2. the frame/track end No#. Which is engraved on the underside of each left hand side track end!

I took inspiration from the way that Shimano date each of their products.

This is how it works:


A = 2012 (the year production of these Royce 14R track ends began)

J = October (the 10th month / 10th letter of the alphabet)

012 = Product Number (which means there is only 11 14R frame set’s in existence, so far!)

Each 14R is tailor made for each of the people that choose to purchase one from 14bikeco.

I’m going to be putting aside No#23 for myself… Æ


Written by fixedgearlondon

January 29, 2013 at 3:23 pm

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