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Cold and Very Wet Ride to…

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Yesterday, we went for a ride to Epping!

It started well, just a dark sky and a cool wind but 30-45 minutes into the ride, rain drop’s started coming down… then it became a heavy rain and the temperature dropped.  London weather is weird it comes and goes, one minute its rainy and then the sun tries to come out so it stops and then back to rain. One thing I found hard is when your socks gets wet and your jeans sticks to your skin, its so difficult to move! There wasn’t many hill’s to climb but with the hard rain hitting, you can’t see your way and the hills that were there you find yourself pushing so hard to get to the top and sometimes not knowing how far the climb is…

Today I had fun, riding with your good friend’s makes your ride feel so good even when its really bad weather or if your have a bad day. A real good energy can be passed around within the group to encourage all to ride well, I know that sounds mad. But I push myself harder when I see one of my friends going up them hill’s with me.




Too much rain made me want to pee.

wet ride



Which way

Which way is home?

Written by Mikey Ramirez

March 17, 2013 at 10:45 pm

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