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article: fixed gear cycling in chengdu

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I read this article in the british airways flight magazine as I was coming home from germany earlier in the summer and thought it was pretty nifty, I’m sure some of you will have seen it already but I thought I’d share.

I’d say it’s true that the fixed gear ‘scene’ in London has quietened down in the last year or two. (side note: look out for an awesome FGL event coming really soon!) I still see people riding fixed gear bikes all over london, every day, but there’s definitely less internet/media attention for it as a subculture. Anyway, just as things are getting more settled over here there are still places in the world where Fixed Gear Bicycles are exploding in popularity, this article addresses one of these places; Chengdu, China.


It’s a nicely written article too, with a mix of contextual information about cycling culture in China (and its relation to communist ideals), the effect of international popularisation of fixed gear bikes, the shops and figures instrumental to the rise of fixed gear culture specific to Chengdu as well as a first hand account of one of the organised events in the city. Be sure to check it out if you can, it’s nice to see some balanced media coverage of fixed gear culture.

if you want to see some more on fixed gear culture in chengdu, check out THIS LINK to read an interview with Jacob Klink of Natooke Cycles, Chengdu.

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October 18, 2013 at 5:53 pm

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