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Pshh, yeah I know, well actually this is kind of interesting – FlyKly is a ‘smart wheel’ kickstarter project, a $600 back wheel that turns any normal bike into an e-bike (ooh) with iphone charger/holder/light, GPS tracking, remote locking and assisted pedalling for a 30 mile range on a single (2/3hr) charge. They use a fixed gear as an example but it’s definitely not a good idea, just to illustrate. Anyway check the video:

And you know, if this is what it takes for loads of ‘sweat-conscious’ people to get out on their bikes after forking out a few hundred dollars, then fuck it, it’s good. I mean damn, my mum rides her electric bike and she digs it, so it must be aight. So whereas I think I’m going to stick with actual exercise, no e-anything, if this can get a whole load more people on their bikes then that’s cool. Check the Kickstarter page


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November 8, 2013 at 11:10 pm

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