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Ride For Philippines recap

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Early sunday morning me and the guy’s meet up in Leicester square to start the charity ride to Cambridge. It was a cold start but as we got going we soon warmed up. As we wiggle our way to north London trying to get out of central we kept the pace going well for all of us, making sure the leg was nice and warm. When we came off the A10 thats when it kinda went all over the place, it started to rain the route we had was getting muddy we got lost, GPS took us to a different route, there was one point we ended up in an open filed nothing but dirt and mud we was riding on. There was hill’s after hill’s then long hill’s, I didn’t remember going to Cambridge up on hill’s before? Well after a few hours trying to get on track we had three guy’s that couldn’t ride no more one had a bad knee and the other a real bad leg cramps also on top of that someone had a tubular wheel that was flat! so we got to the nearest pub and got them a cab to Cambridge. As they go off so did we with even more hill’s to ride up, as it was getting dark early we didn’t want to stop we knew we had to keep going to avoid riding in it. Everyone was riding on empty stomach and hydration was also on low we only had 6miles to go, so we did one more stop to get water and to get something in our belly. All I can remember was stopping at the red light’s and I knew we was close to the station, and as we saw the sign’s the rain came along. When I saw from a long distant the bike rack’s I knew we was almost finish. We reward ourself with a nice hot meal and a good rest in the pub!

Ride For Philippines

Ride For Philippines

Ride For Philippines

Ride For Philippines

Ride For Philippines

Ride For Philippines


Ride For Philippines

Ride For Philippines

Ride For Philippines




Ride For Philippines

Ride For Philippines

Ride For Philippines

Thank you everyone that donated and also well done to the riders that did joined in, good to see pinoy bike community helping each other out!

Written by Mikey Ramirez

November 28, 2013 at 12:05 am

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