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Knog has given me their new light to test on London road for my day to day rides. Got to say it’s a pretty good light, it’s not too over powering in London road’s and not too low for it. Really like how it sits on your handle bar and doesn’t get in your way. The design is just nice and simple one button push to switch to different modes from full beam then goes down low then into flash mode, but when I need to see the light will show my way through it. This knog ARC has two units 170 and 550 lumen. Trust me 170 is good enough. It’s so easy to recharge just use any USB port and away you go! Full beam will last you an hour, flash mode about 4-5 hours. Don’t panic when you see that red light it will give you plenty of time to switch to your back up light or if your like me going home from work should be fine too. This light is 100% waterproof which is good for this London weather and has a very strong improved strap to on hold on to your handle bars, also the best thing to me is the small details they’ve put in which is a small magnet where the clip is so it will never un clip (which never happens) but it’s cool to be extra safe, so if you jump of things or hit a pot hole you will know the light will still be on. It’s also easy to put in to your pocket if you don’t need to use it. It comes in four different colours black,sliver, blue and red this light will be available early next year, keep your eyes open for it.








Written by Mikey Ramirez

December 3, 2013 at 12:51 am

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