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Hello everyone, my name is Duke and I’m the newest addition to the FixedGearLondon team! First of all I would like to say a big thank you to Mike, Moses, Rob, Andy and Mikey for welcoming me. Since I’m going to be posting on the blog, it’s only fair that I tell you a bit about myself.

My whole life I have been riding bikes (road and mountain) but only in early 2010 was I introduced to fixed gear bikes and since then I haven’t looked back. Being born and raised in London, I quickly realized that the best (and most fun) method of transport was in fact cycling. My first fixed gear bike was an SE Draft which I heavily stickered up (MashSF inspired!). Wanting to upgrade to something lighter, I came across 14 Bike Co, who have amazing hand built steel frames, but the one frame that caught my eye was the Buxton curved Lo pro:

14 Bike Co Buxton

14 Bike Co Buxton

Its tight wheelbase and track/pursuit geometry made it a thrill to ride on. I rode on this solidly for two years whilst learning so much about bikes (maintenance, racing, geometry and wheel building). Soon cycling became more than just a method of transport, but a huge part of my life. Heading to events and such I befriended Mikey Ramirez and other fixed gear riders. We all shared a passion for everything track bike enthused. After a while we came together and formed Ohana Fixed.

After 2 years of riding together, we decided that we would operate individually as we were at different stages of our lives. I then decided that I would focus solely on track riding, racing in fixed gear criteriums and also on my writing.

However whilst in the group I took the leap to finally try out aluminium and invested in a Dosnoventa Houston:

Dosnoventa Houston

Dosnoventa Houston

And I have ridden the Dosnoventa from 2012 – today! It became the bike which I would do everything on (long distance and commuting). I’ve only just recently built up yet another aluminium frame – a Low Pursuit:

Low Pursuit 1 - Photo credit: Indra H-P

Low Pursuit 1 – Photo credit: Indra H-P

I’m based in West London, but I commute all over. If you see me riding any of these said bikes around London or anywhere even, please feel free to say hello! As it’s always a pleasure to meet other riders who share the same passion.

Low Pursuit

Low Pursuit 2 – Photo credit: Indra H-P

Thank you for your time and I look forward to posting again in the near future!

Duke A.


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