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Cole Coatings

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After a few weeks of planning I couldn’t decide on what I want my bike frame to look like, so I left it to Dan to come up with something awesome, and boy is  it AWESOME. A work of art i thought when I first saw it, I didn’t know it was mine! I had to have a two looks at it. The details on the paint is so good and the fade is nicely balanced. The brain freeze sparkle is the perfect amount for the frame, especially for its thin tubing. If you let the artist do what they want, the out come will be mind blowing a project – which is always a fun thing. I was so excited to see what he was going to do. It’s something that i’m not used to – different rather, instead of seeing the same stuff over and over again on bikes.



About Daniel, he has been doing this for 10 years and he used to restore and repair cars in North London, painting old classic, retro VW’s and also high end modern cars too. Changing the colours on them and crash repairs was his daily routine. And then on one winter evening and after a few beers with the lads at Seabass Cycles an idea came up for an in house painter, then three months later they found a free space and set to work to build a workshop! It was Seabass Cycles second business venture off the bat of their successful flag ship store in Camberwell, South London. With their great reputation and rad ethos it was a power move!

He had painted a few bikes for friends at his previous workshop along side with his day to day work but it was primarily automotive based. Painting is painting no matter the canvas but what he does to bikes is so much more creative and now with his vinyl cutter he can get to work creating real colourful and technical schemes as well as old school retro.



The painting process of every bike that they do:

Acid Drip

Frame gets sent to the acid dippers to take it back to bare metal 


Each frame is then sand blasted to get into all the tight spots and remove any acid that is left on the frame but also to blast out any remaining paint and rust


Frames are then repaired if needed and  prepped for etch primer 


2-3 coats of primer are then applied and then baked


Frames are then prepped and ready for the fun bit. Painting! 

Painting bikes is a lot of fun. So much choice and the possibility are really endless! 

He likes working with customers that give him their ideas and who offer great input but at the same time it’s also good to play around and create something new and out of the box.



Dan has done an amazing job on my frame and forks. I’m so happy with the result that I would recommend him to anybody that wants their frame done! Anything that he put his spray on is super creative and finished to an excellent standard. As a person – himself and his crew are RAD!!!!

Please check his work:

Instagram: colecoatingsworkshop

Website: for all enquires.

Here’s what the paint work looks like. Mind you – this is a temporary set up. Photos by Monwar Hussain.





Written by Mikey Ramirez

August 2, 2015 at 11:20 pm

Paint Job

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After my crash I went on finding a new bike, wanted to stay with a steel frame and a 14 bike co make. I came across with my mates frame, and it was black and I knew one day I would change that colour as all of my other bikes has been colourful in the pass. So Ian from cycle Ps, battersea told me a guy that’s doing awesome paint work on bikes and not many people know about him. So we went down to his work shop and checked out his stuff. Daniel is a rad dude, and if you see his work it’s so good. Go and check his web site out or go to his Instagrame, Colecoatings work shop. Keep your eyes open for more photos and bike detials. 


Written by Mikey Ramirez

July 23, 2015 at 6:11 pm

This Sucks

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Saturday gone I got hit at Millbank, next to Victoria tower gardens, in the morning while I was going to working. The sliver Mercedes was turning into a side street, he stopped thinking he saw me going by but then he changed his mind for some reason and went ahead into the street. Then bang I got hit and went flying over the front of his car and landed hard on the pavement and second after my bike over my head.
I’ve been off my bike for a few days and just walking fine, but my lower right leg isn’t 100% better, feeling discomfort and when I walk sometimes it gives me a sharpe pain. Wrist still hurst when I put pressure, and I hate the bus! Oh, also the guy did say it was his fault and hope he pays for all my damage on the bike and my bus fares, 14R isn’t looking to good at the moment.



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October 16, 2014 at 10:49 am

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I’ve done the leukaemia bikeathon, solo ride. Took me 4hrs 30mins doing 52 miles with 3 breaks. Took one turning wrong, had burrito on my mind half the time, spoke to some random people on bikes. But all in all I had a blast! Oh plus feels good doing 62 miles and eating free banana’s. But it’s not too late to donate so please if you can support my ride for this charity, please and thank you.



Written by Mikey Ramirez

August 31, 2014 at 9:04 pm

Hot Out There!

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Yes! It’s been good weather for awhile and hope everyone is having fun riding around London. Let’s hope it will stay like this for good long while…


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June 21, 2014 at 4:28 pm

Looking Cool In The City

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Got bored riding to work looking normal. So I got this out to play…

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June 3, 2014 at 11:44 pm

Out Shooting

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So this is happening just going around London doing some photo shoots for 14Bikeco/continental. It’s also an awesome time hanging around with good friends. Weather today is muggy you don’t know what to wear, jacket or a tee?!?
Hope everyone out there is having fun!






Written by Mikey Ramirez

April 6, 2014 at 1:29 pm